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Be Best Consultants provide you with our expert advice that makes your process tension free and smooth in the long run. Whether it’s choosing the best country / university to study abroad, application or student visa processing – there is no other study abroad consultants in Vijayawada or Andhra Pradesh, India to match our service standards.


If you like the country you have been working in, you can become a permanent resident by applying for the same or you can even look into other countries for opportunities, Be Best Consultants can guide you on the same.


We help the candidates out in getting jobs overseas also. At Be Best Consultants, we have excellent connections with other consultancies and industries located overseas. we ensure timely, high quality and affordable HR consultancy services as per custom needs of global clients with making sure the candidates is highly trained, cultured and experienced in their respective domain areas.


As a future international student, it becomes necessary to demonstrate proficiency in English language while enrolling for a foreign study program. We provide the best training for IELTS/GRE/SAT etc.

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Bebest Consultants is proud to say that we fulfilled dreams of thousands and has a long-standing reputation market leader through consistent delivery of quality, honesty, integrity and professional service to all.

Bebest Consultants representing overseas universities in India, one of the most comprehensive study-abroad consultants in India. Our expertise in the field comes from the successful relationships we have developed with an international network of students, universities, education institutions and foreign government organizations.


United States of America is undoubtedly one of the most popular study destinations among international students. Quality education along with the presence of new-edge technology, flexible curriculum and work opportunities are among the traits of the US system that students are exposed to while studying in the USA. Be Best Consultants aims to provide you all the right tools and guidance to navigate your path to studying in the U.S.


Being the world leader in education, U.K. attracts a large number of international students, every year. Five per cent of the world’s scientific research happens in the universities of the U.K., and it produces 14 per cent of the world’s most frequently cited papers. The U.K is world renowned for quality in education with its Cambridge and Oxford universities. For a Doctorate or a Master degree or the entry level Bachelors in Engineering, Humanities, or Management, the U.K will be the best choice.


Australia being the third popular destination among the international students is a beautiful continent and has a lot of amazing experiences to offer. Australian education system is one among the best in the world. Hence it attracts a lot of International students. With knowledge and access to a large selection of leading universities and vocational institutions across Australia, We Be Best Consultants provide you the right path.


Canada is a well-developed country known for its scenic beauty and strong International trade network. It is the world’s most educated country. Canada welcomes around 500,000 International students every year. Studying in Canada gives you an opportunity to earn a highly recognized International degree.


Get a world class qualification from the beautiful Island Country in Oceania. New Zealand is known for its natural beauty and diverse culture. It offers a wide range of courses in comparatively affordable Universityfees and living expenses. Education in New Zealand is highly practical oriented. Their Universities are Government regulated and best funded.


Europe is well recognized for its beautiful landscapes and unique culture. This sumptuous continent is home for many well-developed countries which contributed in many inventions, discoveries, and researches in the fields of science, technology, and innovation. Be it Germany, Italy, Poland, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Cyprus, Malta, Estonia, Latvia, Be Best Consultants is the best consultant for your Europe dream.

Professional Training

We provide the best training for IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GMAT, GRE, SAT and ACT. Every student is unique and we follow a mentoring model where every student is given personal attention. Our batch size is small and our faculty ensures that the students perform to the best of their ability.


IELTS test is not just a language exam. It is a full language proficiency test. That means, it tests all four skills – Reading, Writing, Listening and speaking. It measures your performance in a range of 0 to 9 on each segment and also gives an overall score.


TOEFL is the oldest standardized test required to assess a candidate’s ability to use and understand English. TOEFL is widely accepted by many countries and universities while it is mandatory for the US.


PTE is completely computer-based test and is a little challenging than the other two English language tests. It is interesting too. Though it tests all the four skills of the language – Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading it combines Speaking and Writing into one segment.


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