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Be Best's pathway to  Abroad Education

Expert Counselling.

The whole process starts with discussing with you in detail to understand your goals, interests and guide you to choose the right university and courses.

Coaching for IELTS/TOEFL/PTE.

Coming with more than a decade of experience in Counselling, coaching, and helping students go abroad, our well qualified authorized trainers will be here giving individual attention and customized coaching.

Quick Admissions.

We will make sure, the admission process will go smooth and in-time that you don’t have to compromise on any aspect of your requirements. English language tests, scholarships, financials aids, work permits…etc make sure you get all the benefits from the university you deserve along with the admission.

Scholarship assitance.

There will be various scholarships offered by universities or the government to international students. We will guide you to understand the eligibility and avail the right scholarship to fund your education.

Easy Financial Aid.

Both universities and Visa processes need assurance on applicant’s education fund. We will assist you in documenting in the right way.

Visa guidance and documentation

Applying for Visa require you to go with a well-documented proofs of showing your eligibility and desire to study in their country. We provide complete help with visa documentation and guidance on the procedures.

Pre-Departure and Support.

We help you plan your housing, make new friends even before you land there and connect with fellow students, know the city and environment better even before you move abroad and see that you are comfortable and safe.

Accommodation and Part-time Job assitance

Working part-time while studying abroad will be a wonderful learning opportunity along with the monetary benefits. We will help you figure out how to find the right job which will add value to your resume.
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