Studying Abroad

Bachelors and Masters are the crucial decision in a student's life!

These study years help you learn beyond your course. The years which will lay a path for your future career. These are the years when you will set goals, dream big in your life and strive hard to fulfill them.


Planning to study aboard should be a well researched and though decision. It involves a lot of preparation by the family. The planning time can vary from 3 months to 18 months and if you are aiming for the top most universities then we ideally suggest you to start the admission process at least 10 months prior to the program start dates.
With two decades of experience, and more than 90% success rate of sending 5000+ students in and around Vijayawada to different countries, like USA, AUS, UK, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, France, Germany Singapore and many more. We can proudly say we have:

✔ Collaborations with 128 universities from 16 different countries.
✔ Well trained country-specific counsellors with 10+ years of experience to guide you.
✔ Headed by experienced, passionate and dedicated founders who are a part of every student’s journey.

How we do this?

We divide the complete process into 5 steps. It’s a complete end to end service where we will be with you hand-holding.

We coach you on IELTS, PTE, TOEFL to get the top scores. Assuring scholarships, providing input for appropriate career guidance by introducing you to the university career counselors for transparent solutions.
Career Guidance
We understand that our job is not done by just getting an admission for a
student into a university abroad. In fact this comes at the 3rd step in our process. 
It begins with understanding the student’s interests and requirements, matching their dreams. We help you choose the preferred country, university and course keeping in mind your career.
Visa Process
We work on helping you streamline your available finances while applying for your admissions itself. So, that the Visa process could be smooth and in time. Depending on the country you choose, visa process may take from 2 to 9 weeks of time. We coach you and prepare you for visa interviews.
Post Landing Services
Once you secure the Visa, Our services don’t end here. We help you plan your travel, tickets, pick up, accommodation and ensure a comfortable journey.


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