IQS, more than a hundred years of educational and research activity since 1905; founding member of the Ramon Llull University (1990). In addition to offer university programs (Bachelor, Master and Doctorates) IQS provides professional continuous learning programs (IQS Executive Education), conducts Research and Technology transfer to companies and industries (IQS Tech Transfer) and promotes entrepreneurial culture and new ventures (IQS Tech Factory). An entrepreneurial university center, due to the nexus it has formed between science and business, and between knowledge and technology transfer, educating professionals from the IQS School of Engineering –with its degree programs in Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Industrial Engineering Technology, Biotechnology and Pharmacy– and from its IQS School of Management , –with studies in Business Administration and Management, and International Marketing. As well as its numerous doctorate, masters, post-graduate programs and Executive Programs. For more details about ranking, reviews, campus, courses, intakes, deadlines, spot assessment, admission, internships reach us.

Why Study At IQS

IQS is a university center of the Society of Jesus, a founding member of Universitat Ramon Llull, with more than one hundred years of experience and a long history. National and international accreditations guarantee our continuous work and consolidate our prestige.

  1. Comprehensive Education
    Our vocation and our commitment are to educate people ethically and comprehensively in personal, academic and professional terms. As a result, at IQS, the acquisition of professional skills is combined with the development of the student’s human dimension.
  2. Practical Dimension of the Programs
    The programs are designed to provide a practical, interdisciplinary education. IQS faculty have a recognized professional experience in industry and enterprise, which allows them to provide highly practical and up-to-date guidance regarding the job market.
  3. Links with Enterprise
    All students undertake compulsory work experience internships in private companies and the final projects are addressed to develop practical application works such as a business plan.
  4. Job Exchange and Professional Careers Guidance Service
    Students have access to the IQS Job Exchange and to the Professional Careers Guidance Service, where they are given professional guidance and help, especially with their first job placement.
  5. International Vocation
    IQS student exchanges with foreign universities are an ideal complement to the program studies, by providing an experience that enriches the students both academically and personally.
  6. Full English Program and Language Learning
    IQS provides the opportunity to take some graduate programs and the undergraduate program in Business Administration and Management entirely in English or gradually, in Spanish and English, as well as the opportunity to learn German.
  7. Personalized Care and Small Groups
    Students have personal tutors to guide them in academic, professional and personal matters. Classes are made up of small groups in all IQS undergraduate and graduate programs.
  8. IQS Grants
    IQS has an extensive program of scholarships and grants, which include scholarships for excellence and family assistance grants.
  9. Professional Specialization with IQS Graduate’s Programs
    The range of IQS graduate programs provides students with the opportunity to develop their profession in a specific field of study with comprehensive training.
  10. Research and Critical Thinking
    Research is an essential activity for providing quality education, developing critical thinking and contributing to the advance of knowledge. For this reason, IQS encourages research in its undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. programs.

IQS has two Schools: IQS School of Engineering, where scientific and technical studies are taught, and IQS School of Management, where Economics and Business studies are taught.

Courses Offered In Bachelor’s / Masters

  • Bachelors in Business Administration & Management
  • Dual Masters : Master in International Marketing in a Digital Environment / Master in International Marketing & Sales
  • Masters in Global Entrepreneurial Management Tri Country – Taipei / Barcelona / San Francisco 
  • Master Degree In Pharmaceutical Chemistry 
  • Master Degree in Industrial Business Management

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