“Warmai Mazury University – School of Medicine”

“Warmai Mazury University – School of Medicine”

The university uses international education standards to prepare prospective doctors for medicine in the 21st century. The extend curriculum is based on strict European and U.S. standards and on integrated educational experience. All lectures, seminars and practical training are conducted in English. Students have plenty of opportunities to join research teams in many academic departments, get experience in research. Studies of the Medical Program are preparing to work in the medical profession. Student enquires the skills of interviewing the patient, examination, proper diagnosis and treatment of the patient and provide them necessary assistance. One of the last research success is the first awakenings of coma patients. The University Hospital at UWM is the first site in Europe where an experimental surgery of implantation of brain stimulants to comatose patients was carried out. On 17 and 18 May 2016, a team of neurosurgeons headed by Prof. Wojciech Maksymowicz, Vice-  Rector for Medical Studies and Research carried out 4 surgeries to implant brain stimulators in comatose patients. Those were the first surgeries of this kind in Europe. Among the operating surgeons was Prof. Isao Morita of the Department of Neurosurgery of the Fujita Health University – a neurosurgeon and electro-stimulation specialist – with his two assistants. Prof. Morita taught the doctors in Olsztyn his novel method. Studies at the Faculty of Medicine prepare to work in the medical profession. Student gains the skills to make the medical interview with the patient, examination of the patient, proper diagnosis and treatment of the patient. The graduate knows how to give the neccesary assistance to patient. After the 6 years of education the graduate receives the professional title of medicine doctor. During the studies student gains knowledge and practical skills in the field of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation which is necessary to work as a medicine doctor. A graduate should have developed habits of life-long education and professional development and be prepared to take up research challenges and to continue education to the third- degree study level. During studies student learns about moral and ethical rules of conduct towards patients and their rights, the principles of professional collaboration of doctors and moral norms in in medical research. Student is aware of legal and professional responsibility. The graduate has the knowledge and skills to work as a medicine doctor and has also possibility to make a specialisation in other field. The graduate may apply for employment as a researcher and a teacher in basic science facilities and medical universities clinics as well as fulfill important functions in the management of health care. For more details about Warmai Mazury university ranking, reviews, campus, programs, sciences, internships, school programs, deadlines, scholarships, intakes reach us.

Warmai Mazury university ranking, reviews, campus, programs

Address: Michała Oczapowskiego 2, Olsztyn, Poland

Courses Overview

  • MBBS: 6 years (5yrs of study with clinical studies/electives every year + 1 yr of Internship)

University Examination

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  •  Students are educated to become doctors
  • Complicated brain operations, pioneering in the whole region of Warmia  and Mazury, have been carried out at the faculty of medicine

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